functional creativity

for advancing your purpose at work


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KINETIC shows you how to

elevate the value of your contributions in groups

and increases your ability to engage with complexity.


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04 parts & motions

KINETIC is a transformative framework

using functional creativity for expanding groups’ ability

to engage with complexity

for advancing their purpose at work.

It is composed of a set of practices around three PARTS:

Skills, Mindsets & Environment,

with each moving through three MOTIONS.


05 who we are

Tracie Farrell PhD

Social Scientist and consultant focused on socio-technical systems for collaboration, learning and sense-making. Facilitator in creative skills and critical thinking, particularly among leaders and activists working toward societal change.

Karolina Iwa

Social Innovator, Large Group Facilitator, Consultant, Intercultural Psychologist, Doer. Supports systems
and individuals in engaging with complexity and moving towards emergent purpose. Member of many
global communities driving positive change in the world. Co-Founder of Leadership Festival  - a collective
effort committed to co-emerging the new paradigm of leadership.

Zora Csalagovits

Senior trainer and consultant with a rich history of working in Learning and Development, Gestalt therapist. Skilled in individual Coaching and working with Groups, Non-Formal Educational methodology, Diversity&Inclusion management, Graphic Facilitation.
Passionate about Creativity and Visualization as supporting tools in learning.


Czech Republic

Non-profit NGO working with young people, children, people with disabilities and fewer opportunities. Genesis works in the fields of active citizenship, human rights, sustainable development and personal development of young people. Committed to  enhancing leadership and managerial skills among young people, aiming to raise their employability. Core subjects: human rights, environmental issues, personal development.




NGO of 300 members under 30 years old with strong motivation to participate actively in the civic society and cooperate with our local community. Currently broadening our activities to an European dimension. The four main dimensions of YUPI’s work are: 

1) Active participation and citizenship

2) Volunteering in the community

3) Mobility in Europe

4) Development of competences under non-formal education.

Youth Garage e.V.


NGO, which emerged to provide creative and innovative solutions for societal problems by young people and for young people in the region of Thuringia and all across Europe. We believe that designing and providing non-formal education possibilities to the younger generations results in the change of attitude, acquisition of new skills and broadening the horizons, which in the end lead to the more tolerant and diverse European community.

Associazione Interculturale

NUR, Italy


Non-profit association active in the field of intercultural integration, promoting and realizing cultural events, training experiences and informative seminars for the youth in Sardinia. The association has been created by people motivated by a strong interest for culture and cultural differences.


& Develop Foundation, Poland

Organisation focused on fostering mobility and education among young people and adults, with special focus on the preparation of the beneficiaries for the challenges of the labour market.




NGO acting at local and international level, run by volunteer board members, legally established in 2004.

TE IS aims to empower young citizens to be active in their local communities and to be involved in civic society, to raise awareness around common values like active citizenship, social inclusion, solidarity; to promote the idea of volunteerism, to foster partnership and international cooperation between groups of young people.